Goodbye WordPress – Welcome Backlight

Everyone who tried to set up a WordPress development, integration and production environment knows about what I’m talking. A pure nightmare who requires a whole bunch of comercial plugins and non of them is really perfect. Second big headache I got when I wanted to add a new gallery. Means upload media, create gallery, create […]

Yosel Vasquez – the best guide in Cuba?

For two day I was looking for an guide who will show is around Havana. In TripAdvisor I read about Yosel. After a few mails we set the dates. Yosel charges $200 a day. This includes a vintage car with driver and Yosel the guide and photographer. Yosel is very knowledgeable about Cuba and photography […]

Phototour YourOwnCuba is below my expectations

All things written in this article reflect my personal opinion… When you visit the web page of YourOwnCuba as a serious photographer you will get the idea that this phototour is exactly what you have been dreaming of. Some samples from the text of the page: The Havana Photo Tour is a dream come true […]

Shooting stars…

Spontaneous as I am – I set the alarm clock to midnight and took my gear. All of the sudden I liked the idea of taking a picture of a shooting start. The news were full of stories about having the best period to see and maybe take a picture of them. The results can […]

Ireland – Cork and Kerry

I have been following Peter Cox for a couple of years. Got impressed by the wild coasts and the 256 shades of green of Ireland. So in July 2015 we made it! We were flying from Basle to London Heathrow – then to Shannon. Peter picked us up at the hotel and then we drove […]

Starting with own web space…

I made my decision – I will move away from Flickr… I will start with a WordPress CMS and customize it to my requirements. It’s actually a long and buggy way t go. I joined a class of “webspaces for photographers” and now I’m sitting in front of my own empty WordPress and have no […]